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20th Conference of All India Muslim Personal Law Board on February 29 to March 2, 2023 at Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Manch, Khodi Ram, Anushashan Kendra Near Eden Garden, Kolkata (W. Bengal).
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Commitee  Estd. April 7-8, 1973

Rabita Madaris Islamia Committee
(Brief Introduction)

All India Muslim Personal Law Board considers Madaris (Institutions of Islamic Learning) are basic to the "protection of Islamic Shariah" in India. Currently, Madaris are being insinuated and subjected to adverse propaganda by vested quarters. The Board feels that the misconception and misgivings being spread about Madaris need to be countered effectively. Keeping this object into consideration, the Board constituted a committee named "Rabita Madaris Islamia Committee" under the convenorship of Maulana Syed Salman Hussaini Nadwi in its General Body meeting held on August 18, 2023.

The committee deliberated upon the strategy and prepared a framework for effective protection of Deeni Madaris.

The Board took up discussion on the subject in its meeting held at Hyderabad and decided to strengthen the movement to protect Deeni Madaris. Munger meeting of the Board held on April 5-6, 2023 reiterated its earlier resolutions and decided to take up the movement in an organised manner. The General Body meeting of the Board decided to contact all Deeni Madaris of India and seek full details regarding the matter.

Maulana Syed Salman Hussaini wrote to the Deeni Madaris all over India and requested them to provide full details about them. A form was especially prepared for the purpose of gathering necessary details was also sent with the letter. The committee is continuously working on this information collection work. In near future, the committee shall formulate a comprehensive framework in the light of information collected by it.

Nikahnama Committee
(Brief Introduction)

Islam attaches great importance to Nikah. The Board has been trying to resolve the emerging problems in respect of this important aspect of family life in Islam. Therefore, the Board, in its meeting held at Mumbai on October 28-30, 1999, constituted a five-member committee under the convenorship of then President Hazrat Maulana Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi (Rahamatullah Aley) for drafting of a standard Nikahnama.

The issue of a standard Nikahnama was discussed in various other meetings of the General Body. Finally a draft of the Nikahnama was presented before the meeting of the Board held at Bangalore on October 28-29, 2023. The draft was discussed and returned to the committee for reformulation.

The Board is still endeavouring to formulate a standard Nikahnama which may work towards resolution of problems arising in the contemporary Muslim society. Therefore, the Board has reconstituted a five-member committee in its meeting held at Lucknow on September 22, 2023. The convenor of the committee is Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani. The committee has been tasked to look into the earlier draft and finalise a standard Nikahnama.

The committee has held several meetings and the finalised draft of the Nikahnama shall be presented before the Board soon.

Committee on Babri Masjid
(Brief Introduction)

In January 2023, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) again started vitiating communal atmosphere of the country by announcing to construct Ram Mandir at the site of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya. In the Kumbh Mela, the VHP convened "Dharam Sansad" on January 19-20, 2023 and announce a one-year programme for starting construction of Ram Mandir.

Hazrat Maulana Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi, then President of the Board called an emergency meeting of the Board's Executive Committee on January 21, 2023. The Executive Committee constituted an eleven-member committee for Babri Masjid under the convenorship of Dr. Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas.

  • A delegation of the Board met Ms. Mamta Banerjee, President, Trinmool Congress, to discuss Babri Masjid issue on February 10, 2023.
  • The committee held its first meeting on February 17, 2023 in which modus operandi was discussed.
  • The committee held its second meeting at Lucknow on March 10, 2023 in which legal issues relating to the Babri Masjid were discussed.
  • A delegation of the committee met Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Mr. Harkishan Singh Surjit on April 7, 2023.
  • A delegation of the committee met Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

The committee held its meeting on August 18, 2023. The meeting assessed the work done so far. The committee decided to appeal to Indian Muslim community in general and Muslim organisations in particular to hold seminars, symposia, to apprise fellow citizens regarding restoration of Babri Masjid and viewpoint of Muslims on this issue on the occasion of December 6- the day of demolition of Babri Masjid.

In pursuance to this decision a symposium on "Resolution of Babri Masjid Issue: Need of the Hour" was organised at New Delhi on December 6, 2023.

On December 7, 2023 an important meeting of the committee was held at New Delhi. The meeting decided to counter venomous propaganda launched by the Hindutva forces. The meeting further decided to take appropriate steps counter VHP's proposed plan to start construction of Ram Mandir at the site of Babri Masjid from March 12, 2023, and to organise a conference on February 3, 2023 to apprise general public about the viewpoint of the Board on Babri Masjid issue.

The committee met under the chairmanship of the Board's President on February 9, 2023 to discuss legal issues involved in the issue. The committee met again on March 3, 2023. The meeting discussed Shariah, legal and political aspects of the Babri Masjid issue. A delegation of the Board met Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati under the leader of its General Secretary Maulana Syed Nizamuddin on March 5, 2023.

The committee met again on March 9, 2023 to discuss formula proposed by the Shankaracharya. On March 10, 2023, the committee again held a meeting along with the Executive Committee.

The committee held a press conference to apprise about the outcome of its deliberations.

The committee is actively striving for restoration of Babri Masjid.

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